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Flexicapture for Invoices

ABBYY FlexiCapture is a highly accurate document imaging, data extraction software with intelligent self-learning and automatic document classification.

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Simplified End to End Invoice Process Automation

Increase Medical Claims Processing Throughput by 90%

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Cost + Inefficiency

Experience Business Process Automation with our Capture for SharePoint and Enterprise Content Managemant Solutions

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Create a Central Capture Portal for all of your incoming paper documents, digital documents, faxes and email communications.

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About IP Outside Your Firewall?

Protect company data whatever happens to the mobile device or employee, starting with our "bring-your-own-device" assessment.

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Enterprise Document Management Professionals & Proven Industry Consultants in Business Process Management (BPM) Solutions

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ABBYY Flexicapture

Document Classification & OCR/ICR Capture Solutions

Go paperless with document scanning, capture and OCR/ICR solutions that also integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

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Icon Digital Dynamic E-Forms

Digital Dynamic E-Forms

Go from Paper to a Dynamic Digital E-Forms Solution

Streamline business processes with e-forms by capturing information quickly and painlessly with smartphones and tablets.

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Icon Document Management

Document Management

Enterprise Document Management Solutions

Empower your team with immediate, secure and remote access to all company documents, in software and in the cloud.

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Workflow Automation

Out-of-the-Box Workflow Automation Solutions

Experience the ultimate in productivity with our business processes automation (BPA) solutions.

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ProConversions offers a full line of enterprise content management (ECM) and mobile capture/enablement solutions to capture all information trapped in paper, fax and email in your organization, make this information securely accessible to all who need it and to streamline manual business processes.

Business Process Assessment

ProConversions has created the Business Process Assessment to better assist our clients with maximizing the benefits and streamlining the deployment of their Advanced Capture, Document Management, Workflow, Electronic Forms, Mobility, and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions.

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Project Charter

A Project Charter is a good way to insure that all the people on the project team have a thorough understanding of the goals from beginning to end and the charter will become the outline for gathering the technical requirements needed to craft your end to end solution.

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Master Project Spreadsheet

The ProConversions Master Project Spreadsheet is a single place for the project team to go to for all information being gathered, updated and revised as your ProConversions project develops.

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We conduct thorough On-Site Business Process Assessments to help your organization develop a Project Charter that insures all the people on the project teams have a clear understanding of the goals from beginning to end.