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Formatta Software for Document Capture, Management and Integration from ProConversionsFormatta quickly and affordably extends the reach of applications to all users so organizations have the 
information they need to operate efficiently and effectively. More than just an electronic version of a paper 
, Formatta quickly captures, verifies, and moves data where it's needed most—the critical applications 
you use to run your organization.


Seventy percent of the data needed to run your organization is trapped on paper and paper equivalents such as Microsoft Word documents, PDFs and printable forms. These documents are not making their way into the critical business systems that need it the most. The resulting "information gap" is costing you:


  • Lost Revenue Opportunities

  • Poor Customer Service

  • High Operating Costs

  • Lengthy Cycle Times

  • Increased Compliance Risk


ProConversions has partnered with Formatta to provide a data collection solution that can automate processes such as lead management, timesheets, job costing, quote processing, resource scheduling, purchasing, and invoicing.


The Formatta solution consists of four parts—Formatta Designer, Filler, Approve, and Integrate:


Formatta eForms Design Formatta eForms Capture Formatta eForms Approve Formatta eForms Integrate


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