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Applications That Benefit:


  • Complex, difficult to automate, high volume applications like claims processing
  • Workflows involving processes working with many different information systems like invoice processing
  • Customer communication workflows like digital mailroom
  • Customer service center needs like customer response handling, self service, interactive chat and knowledge management
Kodak Info Insight Platform from ProConversions

Kodak Info Insight

Turn your valuable business data into insight


Automate your business processes and enhance your customer interactions at the same time.


It is rare that a new capability is introduced that allows organizations to achieve both cost improvements and performance improvements at the same time. This is one of those times: Solve your most challenging information work flow hurdles using a revolutionary new solutions platform available from Kodak Alaris.


Whether you need to improve customer experience or to automate your business processes, our solution based on cutting edg e artificial intelligence (AI) technologies helps improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs at the same time. Kodak Info Insight Platform allows you to get ahead of competition and scales as your needs evolve.


This technology helps many international brands in markets like consumer electronics, automotive and business process management to solve their key information management challenges.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Have your business benefi t from a single platform that has the ability to analyze, understand, process and respond to any input regardless of source, format and structure.
  • Automate your business processes end-to-end by extracting relevant information and augment with content from independent databases and systems.
  • Customer interactions are dynamic, not static. Benefit from the platform’s self learning ability that leverages the input classifi cation decisions made by your expert agents
  • Handle very dynamic business processes without being forced to rely on complex rule sets that are hard to maintain and may even result in failing projects
  • Delight customers with faster, more comprehensive and consistent responses no matter how complex their inquiry may be.
  • Finally, while most existing solutions either automate business processes or optimize customer service workflows, the Kodak Info Insight Platform achieves unparalleled value by connecting both.
  • Gain time to pursue new business opportunities rather than spending time on routine tasks.



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