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Project Charter

Project Charter Services from ProConversionsA Project Charter is a good way to insure that all the people on the project team have a thorough understanding of the goals from beginning to end and the charter will become the outline for gathering the technical requirements needed to craft your end to end solution.


Executive Overview
The Executive Overview is typically created by the project sponsor on the client side who is requesting and financing the project. It’s typically written in conjunction with your ProConversions sales manager and should include a high level executive overview of the current state of the business process as well as the project goals, objectives, expectations and how technology will enhance the current business process.


Main Elements
The Main Elements section should provide a clear statement of what the automated solution is supposed to accomplish, including a high-level technical description of the individual requirements, assumptions and requested deliverables. It should provide a clear technical description of the objectives that map directly to your project goals. The main elements become the blueprint for your solution and provide the information we need to properly define the scope of your project.


Top elements your project charter should include:


  • A high level description of the project and what you’re looking to accomplish with technology.
  • The project initial goals, requirements and expected deliverables.
  • The names of project managers & key stakeholder responsible for the project.
  • Time constraints, hard deadlines, project milestones and cost constraints.
  • Other specific requirements of what the solution should be able to do.
  • Are there risks that could jeopardize the project's success?


List of Key Assumptions - ProConversions will provide (10) professional services engineers to work simultaneously on your project to accomplish the task in a specific time frame.


List of Key Dependencies - Are there other projects going on that will need to be completed before this project or any market conditions, pending rules, legislation, or external factors that could affect the project’s success?


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