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ConnectCare Solutions

Kodak Alaris ConnectCare SolutionKodak Alaris' ConnectCare Solution transforms and delivers secure Direct Messaging of unstructured & structured patient information


Healthcare providers – ranging from acute care hospitals to urgent care clinics; from skilled nursing facilities to physicians' offices – continue to be challenged in effectively managing and securely exchanging patient information, originating from a variety of formats, including unstructured (faxes, email, etc.), structured (forms, etc.) and electronic content. To effectively transition care of a patient, and close the Continuum of Care circle, providers need to overcome their current state.

Kno2 Works Across the Continuum of Care

Kodak Alaris' solution, delivering structured Direct Messaging with Inofile, combines world-class scanning technology with Inofile's Kno2 software. This software is easy-to-use, cost-effective, lightweight, and cloud-based, creating a groundbreaking "on-off ramp" between sources of unstructured and structured clinical information, including but not limited to:


  • Document creative software (e.g. Adobe)
  • Medical Devices
  • Various health information exchange networks, including EMRs


This solution empowers any healthcare provider with the ability to transform and securely communicate unstructured and structured patient information and content into a compliant protocol. Secure Direct Messaging is enabled within a healthcare community's trusted HISP*-based framework, bridging interoperability gaps between trusted providers, with or without EMR.


As Inofile's Kno2 is a hybrid cloud/on-premise solution, it enables almost every healthcare organization to capture and exchange vital clinical documents with outside providers and partners. Special emphasis is placed on clinical documents containing previously unstructured content, originating from sources such as FAX machines, MFPs and document scanners.


Kno2 streamlines an organization's clinical document flows and ensures that the organization is compatible and compliant with the latest healthcare technology standards and practices.


Kodak Alaris' ConnectCare Solution with Inofile, instantly offers a wide range of benefits:


  • Securely send structured standards-based patient information
  • Replace FAX machines with a superior secure-send method
  • Efficiently convert paper-based information
  • Close transitions and Continuum of Care gaps
  • Easy-to-use, innovative, & affordable solution
  • Implement immediately & successfully at any organization
  • Easy to configure & administer
  • Delivers content to EMRs upon Kno2 activation
  • Less stress and strain on employees
  • Enhanced satisfaction and efficiency for providers and staff
  • Streamlined interactions & multiple advantages for patients and their advocates


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