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Comprehensive Electronic Deposit Processing

Deposit21 Makes it Easy

The Deposit21 software provides a proven suite of electronic deposit capabilities designed to be integrated with virtually any imaging solution. Deposit21 deposits checks via Check 21 and a variety of other electronic and non-electronic deposit methods. The software automatically selects the best deposit option for each item, based on your priorities. Deposit21 can handle deposits to multiple banks and multiple accounts. The entire electronic deposit process is automated, from start to finish, accelerating deposits and minimizing labor. Deposit21 is readily configurable to adapt to your environment and your processes. You can change banks by just changing setup parameters.

Deposit21 is Reliable

Deposit21 ensures that your deposits make it to the bank. The software is designed to be robust, fault-tolerant and auto-recovering. Deposit21 relies on proven technologies such as Microsoft’s SQL Server, IIS and MSMQ. Internal processes are monitored and automatically restarted if they encounter a problem. Any problem, such as the failure of a transmission to a bank, is promptly reported to the operations staff through pro-active operator alerts via email, text message, systray popup, etc. Even delays such as a slow transmission cannot go unnoticed. Your cash flow is in good hands with Deposit21.

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Deposit21 Signed Check image
Deposit21 Signed Check image

Deposit21 is Fully Automated

Deposit21 automates every aspect of the electronic deposit process.

This ensures timely and accurate deposits. The automated processing steps include:

  • Predefined Cutoff Times. Pending checks are automatically queued for deposit procesing at specified times, such as just prior to bank deposit deadlines. Deposit files are automatically formatted to bank specifications.
  • Encryption. Bank-compliant encryption and digital signing is provided, with secure encryption key management via the Deposit21 web portal.
  • Transmission. Automatic file transmissions are carefully monitored and verified. Automatic recovery and retransmission are configurable. A variety of file transmission methods are supported.
  • Deposit Confirmation Processing. Most banks provide automatic deposit confirmation data, sometimes including details on individual exception items. Deposit21 automatically obtains and processes confirmation information from the banks. Encrypted confirmation files are automatically decrypted.
  • Alerting. Operators and Supervisors are alerted to conditions that may adversely affect the deposit of checks. This ensures that otherwise silent problems, such as file transmission issues, are made visible to the operational staff in a timely manner. This is essential if funds are to be consistently deposited on schedule.
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Deposit21 is Comprehensive

A full range of electronic and non-electronic deposit options are available, including:

  • Check 21 / Image Cash Letter. Full X9.37, X9.100-187 and institution-specific variants of these such as FedForward.
  • Bank-Specific Options. Bank-proprietary clearing products including merged Check21 / ACH (ARC and BOC).
  • NACHA ACH Files (ARC and BOC). Includes ARC eligibility decision-making with automatic Accuity ACH table updating.
  • IRD Printing. Includes 2D bar codes for automated verification.
  • ACH Returns Processing. Configurable automated and interactive resolution, with auto-learning to minimize future returns.

The product incorporates extensive supporting features, such as:

  • Image Quality Analysis. Automatically validates images to each bank’s specifications, with configurable overrides.
  • Image Virtual Endorsements. Configurable endorsement wording is overlaid on the check rear images prior to deposit.
  • Prioritized Deposit Routing. Checks are automatically assigned the best deposit option for which they are eligible, based on user-defined deposit priorities.
  • Check Services. If you need help reading or keying check MICR line data or amounts, ask about the “Check Services” option.
Deposit21 Signed Check image
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