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Mi-Forms Software

Mi-Co Mi-Forms e-Forms  from ProConversionsFlexible data collection solutions that effortlessly link devices and databases.


With Mi-Forms, you can quickly and easily create e-forms for mobile devices, iPads, tablets, digital pens, and laptops. Packed with features, your e-forms application is interactive and easy to use, and you’ll be able to collect data Online & Offline. With support for voice recognition, text input, pick-lists, time stamps, photo capture, handwriting interpretation, and GPS, you can quickly build a fast, flexible data collection solution tailored to your requirements.


Also learn more about how Mi-Forms has improved numerous healthcare organizations.


Mi-Forms e-Forms Software Systems features:


[+] Compatible with any device


Mi-Forms e-Forms  from ProConversionsMi-Forms works with the devices you want to use – iPads, Android tablets, and Microsoft Windows devices, PCs, Anoto Digital Pens with paper, Hosted or On-premise Servers, Laptops, Workstations – – both Online/and Offline!


Mi-Co Mi-Forms e-Forms System is compatible with:


  • Apple iOS: iPad & iPhone
  • Google Android: Android Smartphones, Tablets & Slates
  • Ricoh eQuill
  • Digital Pen
  • Microsoft Windows Tablets
  • Microsoft Surface - Coming Soon!
  • Desktops, Laptops, & Tablet PC's

[+] Collect Any Form of Data

[+] Tough-Friendly Forms

[+] Sync Your Data from Anywhere

[+] Speech Recognition

[+] Handwriting Recognition

[+] Photo Capture & Inking

[+] Online & Offline Data Capture

[+] Your Business Rules

[+] Robust Reporting

[+] Improve Compliance


The Mi-Forms System includes:


  • Mi-Forms Designer - Create easy-to-use forms with deep functionality
  • Mi-Forms Client - Intuitive & innovative data capture forms
  • Mi-Forms Server - Accelerate your business processes & integrate with your existing systems
  • Mi-Forms SDK - A powerful development toolkit for you to integrate Mi-Forms' handwriting recognition and mobile data capture into your software & applications



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