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IBML SoftTrac Capture Suite Software

ibml SoftTrac Capture Software

SoftTrac is a software suite that centralizes the setup of document scanning and intelligent capture


ibml's SoftTrac® Capture Suite provides a comprehensive end-to-end capture solution. It's powerful modules enable organizations to scan pages on ibml ImageTrac and TWAIN scanners, automate document classification and metadata extraction during scan time, centralize administration and control, and analyze scanner and operations performance.


The newest addition to the SoftTrac Capture Suite, SoftTrac Synergetics, is an intelligent document recognition solution that classifies and extracts metadata automatically after the scanning process. SoftTrac Capture Suite users can more easily integrate scanners into their operations, automate the processing of multichannel inputs, and stanadardize their scanning operations and the information they track.


Through this centralized control of scanning operations, ibml’s SoftTrac Capture Suite delivers efficiencies and process improvements far greater than those provided by any other scanner software on the market. This makes SoftTrac Capture Suite an ideal choice for mid-to-high volume scanning operations. With its inline intelligent document capture capabilities, SoftTrac Capture Suite also stands apart in shared services and mailroom and enterprise scanning environments that use a rules- and actions-based approach to minimize downstream exceptions.

The ibml ImageTrac Series 6000 Solutions

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SoftTrac Fits into the Scanning Process

The ibml SoftTrac software works with our ImageTrac line of scanners or with your existing TWAIN-based solution to help create meaning out of your scanned documents.


ibml SoftTrac Scanning Process


  • Accelerate job setup
  • Reduce programming requirements
  • Standardize document scanning operations
  • Improve visibility into your operations
  • Achieve faster ROI


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The SoftTrac Capture Suite

SoftTrac Capture Suite provides these business performance improvements through:


[+] SoftTrac Scan


ibml’s SoftTrac® Scan enables users to centralize information management and helps to ensure regulatory compliance and tracking and control. With the operational intelligence provided by SoftTrac Scan, organizations can more easily standardize their scanning operations and the information they provide.


Complementing ECM platforms and traditional scanning solutions, SoftTrac Scan delivers efficiencies and process improvements. SoftTrac Scan is designed to work with ibml scanners as well as those from other manufacturers, co-exist with any capture or other downstream solution and support both distributed and centralized document scanning environments.


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[+] SoftTrac ScanDS

[+] DocNetics

[+] SoftTrac PostScan

[+] SoftTrac Quality Control

[+] SoftTrac Synergetics

[+] SoftTrac Management Tools


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