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Kodak Info Activate

Whether you use Microsoft SharePoint or another collaboration platform, chances are your biggest challenge remains getting critical data off paper and into your business process workflow. That's where Kodak Info Activate Solution comes in.



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Turn documents into data. Turn data into doing

Fly through paperwork and organize your workflow

Achieve and maintain control over your content

Better workflows that help business blossom

Make the onboarding of paper content intuitive and easy. To efficiently capture important business records such as contracts, invoices, claims, identity forms and more, Kodak Info Activate Solution delivers:

  • A familiar user experience
  • Automation of repetitive, time-consuming and complex tasks
  • Extensive metadata capturing
  • Easy customization

Eliminate the cost of maintaining separate workflows by document type. Empower knowledge workers to easily add information to your system without shipping paper documents around. Provide faster access to information that is needed to complete a transaction or process.

  • Easily create custom workflows
  • Automatically create searchable documents
  • Get work done faster

The Kodak Info Activate Solution allows you to have a common onboarding and document processing approach for the entire organization. As a result, you gain control over the consistency and accuracy of your business data.

  • Find documents more easily
  • Support for different content types
  • Higher-quality output from your processes

The Kodak Info Activate Solution delivers benefits and efficiencies for your business processes. Because Info Activate functions inside Microsoft SharePoint, you gain all the benefits of using this powerful integration and collaboration platform.

  • Uniform user authentication
  • Business intelligence with customizable dashboards
  • Easy integration with third-party applications
  • Dramatically reduced learning curves


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