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LIMB™ is a complete solution for Mass Digitization projects, including all the tools to manage, process, enrich, index and convert your documents into digital assets for long term archiving, digital libraries, e-publishing or print on demand (POD).


LIMB™ Server is the perfect solution for mass digitization projects with several scanners and multiple operators. Once installed on a server, LIMB™ Server is accessible by both a supervisor and multiple operators. According to your digitization requirements, the supervisor can assign each operator’s processing tasks and role, follow step by step each working stations and oversee the whole process.


LIMB™ Server was developed with a dedication to the digitization of all cultural and archival documents (books, archives, ledgers, newspapers, maps, photographs and artwork etc.). Existing image sets of TIFF or JPEG files can be processed right alongside newly digitized materials adding value to your content with new structural metadata.


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LIMB™ Server benefits at glance:

LIMB™ Server was designed to make digitization easier, and more efficient. i2s DigiBook and Kirtas Technologies have joined their accumulated experience of more than 30 years of digitization projects and digitization factory to provide the state of the art content conversion solution for mass digitization projects.


LIMB™ Server offers several unique benefits for content owners or service bureaus such as:


  • Productivity - Customizable production templates, automated batch processing, multi core high speed processing and ergonomic user interface makes LIMB™ the ideal solution for content conversion.
  • Advanced Workflow - With it’s multi-user environment and the ability to build custom project template LIMB™ Server can operate multiple Workflow based on each project requirements.
  • Ergonomics - LIMB™ Server has been designed to maximize the operator's productivity and experience.
  • Content Value - LIMB™ Server takes raw images out of the scanners and convert them to richer digital documents in multiple formats. During the conversion process metadata are automatically created and linked to the document for richer and fully indexed documents. LIMB™ supports many industry standards for the metadata management including METS/ALTO for structural and layout metadata description.


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