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The KABIS Story


Kirtas KABIS 700

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the KABIS family of scanners: KABIS 700 System.


Kirtas KABIS 700 Book Scanner hardware from ProConversions

This semi-automatic and manual KABIS model is targeted for two major groups of users:

  1. Current KABIS and APT users that have some material in their collections that they cannot scan on a KABIS I, KABIS II, KABIS III or APT scanner due to the size of the books or their very poor condition. The key benefit of this scanner for these users is the ability to expand your collection content while continuing to scan with Kirtas technology used by their other scanner(s) and enjoy the benefits of the V-cradle technology from Kirtas.

  2. Digitizing projects with lower budget funds or that prefer manual page turning. The KABIS 700 uses the many of the same features offered in the KABIS family of scanners that are gentle on the book binding and "see" all the way into the gutter to assure capture of all the information in the book. The scanning process is very simple and easy to learn. Productivity rates are the highest of any overhead scanner design.

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Key Features Key Benefits
Automatic articulating 110° V-cradle for book positioning Safely holds the book binding and to keep the pages in focus with the cameras.
Canon 5D Mark III 22mp digital cameras High resolution, full color, latest technology from Canon to give you high quality images.
Scanning resolutions of true 300 x 300ppi and 400 x 400ppi image capture Images are true resolution in both dimensions for highest quality and best clarity.
50mm and 70mm lenses Provides the flexibility to scan at different resolutions and variable page sizes.
Semi-automatic and manual operation modes with foot pedal Both modes available allowing the operator to decide which is best for scanning a book.
KABIS Manager Controller and KABIS Manager Plus Software for operation System control is done with the same technology as all KABIS scanners. Easy to learn, great to use!
A3 page size on A2 books at 300ppi resolution in Portrait mode (297 x 491mm) Larger size older books can be scanned using the same technology as other KABIS scanners for compatibility and quality
Scan in Landscape mode for books with A3- page size (406 x 297mm) Now you can scan the wide format books that could not be done in other V-cradle scanners. More of your collection can be scanned with this technology.
Ability to do small books (< 6 x 6cm) Even the very small book formats from centuries ago can be scanned.
Page capture rates in excess of 800pph Capture rates will depend on the operator’s skill and the book condition. Good condition books could scan at 800-1000 pages per hour.
Page size A4+ at 400dpi resolution Different camera positions allow for scanning at different resolutions to meet customer and collection needs.
Optional 100mm Macro lens for 500 x 500ppi and 600 x 600ppi image capture The same options as other KABIS scanners can be achieved by adding the optional 100mm lens for high resolution, high quality scanning of A5 size pages.
Foot pedal for activation of the scanning cycle The operator is able to use both hands as needed to turn the pages for capture by using the foot pedal to activate the cycle.
Fully compatible with LIMB Software The image capture format is JPG or CR2 which are easily imported by LIMB for processing books from any of your scanners to the same standard.


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