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IBML ImageTracDS 1085

High-value production scanning at a surprisingly affordable price


IBML ImageTrac-Lite High Speed Document Scanner from ProConversions

The ImageTracDS 1085 from ibml is a first-of-its-kind mid-volume production scanner offering many of the features that have made ibml's ImageTrac scanners the best in their class. The ImageTracDS 1085 also complements ibml's ImageTracDS 1150 high volume production desktop scanner and allows organizations with lower volumes to reduce costs while improving operations efficiency.


Like ibml's other scanners, the ImageTracDS 1085 provides high-quality and efficient processing, and reduces document preparation costs, by allowing for the scanning of inter-mixed documents of varying thickness and size in a single pass.


A key feature of the ImageTracDS 1085 is that it is equipped with two sort trays. This makes the device ideal for applications where checks, separator sheets or other sensitive documents must be returned to a customer or that require other special post-scan handling. Organizations can save tens of thousands of dollars a year by reducing the amount of paper used in their scan process through the re-use of separator sheets.


The desktop ImageTracDS 1085 delivers the exceptional throughput and image quality that are hallmarks of ibml scanners. The ImageTracDS 1085 provides an approximate throughput of 85 PPM at 200 or 300 dots per inch (DPI). It also offers 24-bit color image capture at output resolutions ranging from 50 to 600 DPI. And the ImageTracDS 1085 provides users the flexibility to output images in the JPEG or TIFF file format.


The scanner's left-justified feeding provides a more efficient method for picking and feeding of intermixed document sizes and allows for faster and easier document preparation by using a document jogger. This ensures that documents are aligned to the upper left corner in a matter of seconds, much faster than the time required to center off-size pages for center-feed scanners. It also means document prep workers have fewer steps and fewer exceptions when preparing batches for scanning.


The ImageTracDS 1085 also incorporates ultrasonic multi-feed detection technology to help eliminate downstream exceptions. When double-feeds are detected, the scanner automatically stops to allow for recovery. The technology ensures that all pages are scanned, and eliminates the need for operators to do a time-consuming post-scan review to account for all images.


The ImageTracDS 1085 is controlled (powered) with a version of the same scanning software that is used on ibml's ultra-high-speed ImageTrac© scanners. This allows organizations that use both devices in their operation -- whether it's in a centralized or distributed environment -- to leverage the same user interface for all of their ibml scanners, streamlining operations management and accelerating setup of new jobs.

Document Scanner Benefits

  • Increased operator productivity
  • Reduced operations expense
  • Less downtime/easy maintenance
  • Fewer downstream exceptions
  • Reduced document preparation
  • Fewer jams/fast jam recovery


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