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Mi-Forms for Healthcare

"The HIPAA regulations require hospitals and physicians to provide patients with their Notice of Privacy Practices, and patients must acknowledge receipt of the Notice. Mi-Co has developed an innovative product approach that captures and stores the patient’s signature electronically. This is an option that may be of assistance to our members as they strive to meet the HIPAA requirements."
-Holt Anderson,
Executive Director of NCHICA

Mi-Forms offers an intuitive paper-like user interface that eliminates the need for manual re-entry, improving accuracy and giving physicians and nurses more time to spend with patients. Pre-populate forms with data from standard interfaces like HL7 or standard databases like SQL Server or Oracle. Integrate with your EMR and HIS systems.


Mi-Forms features include:


  • Touch Friendly: Mobile friendly checkboxes, drop down lists, toggles, switches and text field customization (dates, masks, validation) to make collection easy and reduce mistakes.
  • Speech Recognition & Capture: Hands-free e-Forms, speak naturally and Mi-Forms (remove Mi-Forms here, this uses a partner’s technology) voice recognition & capture will fill in the fields for you.
  • Handwriting Interpretation: Write with a digital pen or your fingertip, and Mi-Forms will interpret your handwriting. An easy way to collect signatures and field notes.
  • Any Device: Mi-Forms works with the devices you want to use; iPads, Android tablets, and Microsoft Windows devices, PCs, Anoto Digital Pens with paper, Virtual & On-premise Servers, laptops, Workstations.
  • Online and Offline: Unlike Web-only solutions, Mi-Forms works in remote field situations when a hot-spot is not available.
  • Workflow & Audit Trails: An enterprise-class administrative server for central management of users, forms & data flows, version control, audit trails and routing workflows.

"One reason data quality will increase with the Mi-Forms Software on the Tablet PCs is that business rules and real time data validations will now be done at the point of data capture… data collectors will receive immediate feedback regarding the validity of each form before it is submitted."
-Lori McDonald,
Cardiac Database Coordinator at Columbia St. Mary's

  • Photo Capture and Inking: Add photos with mark-up and notes. Mi-Forms can even prompt the user for photo capture with workflow rules.
  • Barcode Scanning, GPS tracking and RFID: Rich data capture comes standard and is easy to add to any template.
  • Your Business Rules: Business rules may be added to a form to enforce quality data collection. Such rules avoid missing data, flag potential errors or submission of bad data vastly boosting accuracy.
  • Intelligent Feedback: The form designer can specify real-time feedback during data collection. The feedback may occur when data is entered, calculations are performed or when business rules are violated.
  • Flexible Integrations: Send data directly to your line of business applications, databases, document management systems and more — using web-services, flat-file exchange, APIs, SDKs and many other methods.


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