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Advance OCR/ICR Capture Solutions

Proconversions is a Proven Systems Integrator of Advance OCR/ICR capture solutions from Kofax, EMC, ABBYY, Kodak, ibml, & Kirtas.


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ABBYY FlexiCapture
ABBYY Recognition Server
Kofax Capture

ABBY FlexiCapture Software from ProConversions

ABBY Recognition Server Software from ProConversions

Kofax Capture Software from ProConversions
Kofax KTM
Kofax TotalAgility
Kodak Capture Pro


Kofax KTM Software from ProConversions


Kofax TotalAgility Software from ProConversions
Electronic Medical Records Services from ProConversions
Kodak Info Activate
EMC Captiva

Electronic Forms Services from ProConversions

Professional Services from ProConversions

Mobile Capture Solutions

ProConversions also offers compelling ways to capture information on your Apple iPhone/iPad, Android phone or tablet, Blackberry, or Microsoft Surface with our electronic forms solutions with Mi-Co Mi-Forms and Webalo, which offers Enterprise Mobility in Minutes™ by surfacing data from enterprise databases and reports to your mobile device.


Mobile Capture
Mobile Content Enablement


Mi-Co Mi-Forms from ProConversions


Webalo Enterprise Mobility from ProConversions


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