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EMC ApplicationXtender Full Text Search

EMC ApplicationXtender Full Text Search from ProConversionsPrecise search results delivered quickly and efficiently increase productivity by helping knowledge workers make better decisions faster. Full Text Search for EMC ApplicationXtender helps users discover information easily and put it to work immediately.


ApplicationXtender Full Text Search provides the ability to navigate files and content quickly to expedite the information discovery process and reduce the risks associated with managing vast volumes of unstructured information. With ApplicationXtender Full Text Search, knowledge workers can even combine keyword and full-text searches to return the most precise search results with just a single query.


EMC ApplicationXtender Full Text Search delivers:


  • Precise search results — Combine keyword and full-text searches to quickly return precise search results.

  • Advanced search functions — Perform advanced search functions such as typo, thesaurus, stemming, proximity, and wildcard searches without complex search syntax.

  • Support for hundreds of file formats — Search more than 200 file formats out of the box.

  • Role-based information access — Ensure appropriate access to information through role-based user access.


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